"After testing my fifth site, I realized that I'd spent no more than ten minutes in fully testing each one."

About Spinlab

Our History of Dependable Products and Services

Spinlab has been in business for more than 61 years --- 25 years servicing the electric utility industry. In that time we have created the most innovative products available to perform meter and meter circuit testing.  In June of 1996 we introduced the Bird Dog Plus which allowed  you to check all 32 failure modes of an electric meter circuit with the push of one button. And now, with the Meter Verification add-on feature, you can simultaneously analyze the meter and meter circuit, producing a one-page report that sums up the accuracy of the entire site.

In the future as you consider establishing or expanding your field testing program, Spinlab can help you with those needs. We can help you set up an effective program, drawing on our solid base of experience together with the shared knowledge of our many customers. The Spinlab technical support system is unrivaled for expediency in handling both problems and questions. We take pride in our genuine concern for customers.


Spinlab Established    

Spinlab was established in 1948 in Knoxville, Tennessee as the original spin-off company of the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge (which later became the Oak Ridge National Laboratory) to supply nuclear instrumentation to the emerging declassified nuclear research industry.  


World Leader in Cotton Fiber Testing   

In the early 1950's Spinlab became the world's leader in research and development in measuring the properties of cotton and other fibers.  


Spinlab Expands the Business   

In the late 1970's Spinlab  began growing a products business supplying fiber measurement instrumentation worldwide based on its pioneering research and development activities.


660 Bird Dog Introduction (CT Tester)

In 1984 Spinlab established the Utility Instrumentation Division and introduced the Bird Dog for in-service testing of CT-metered installations.  This was the first CT tester ever created for ratio and burden testing of CTs!


Introduced the High Voltage Probe

In 1988 under research contract with The Tennessee Valley Public Power Association, Spinlab developed and introduced the high voltage probe for measuring primary currents up to 230 kV with a fiber optic link to the Bird Dog.


Utility Division Becomes an Independent Corporation

In 1990 Spinlab sold the Textile Instrumentation Division to Zellweger of Switzerland who continue to operate in Knoxville, Tennessee.  


First Generation of the Bird Dog Plus is Introduced for CT Testing

In 1996 Spinlab introduced the digital-based Bird Dog Plus for testing CT-metered installations and measuring power factor, harmonics, and vector analysis along with digital data storage and PC upload capabilities.


Diagnostics is Added to the Bird Dog Plus    

Over 100 verbal diagnostic messages were added to the Bird Dog Plus building a knowledge base within the unit.


SpinGraph SE is Introduced

In August, 1998 Spinlab introduced the SpinGraph SE Custom Reporting and Graphing Program for the Bird Dog Plus to effortlessly create reports on the PC. 


Gain/Loss Analysis

In 2000 Spinlab added the Gain/Loss Analysis Report to SpinGraph SE allowing the customer to document the gain or loss produced by a site in dollars.


Single Phase Meter Verificiation (Meter Analyzer)

In 2001 Spinlab introduced the Single Phase Meter Verification add-on feature to the Bird Dog Plus, essentially doubling the capability of the unit and allowing the customer to simultaneously analyze the meter and meter circuit, producing a one-page report that sums up the accuracy of the entire site--meter and meter circuit.


Introduction of the Load Box

With the need to perform meter and/or meter circuit tests on sites with little or no load, Spinlab created the Load Box in 2002.  This device will put up to 50 amps on any in-service low voltage donut or bar type CT.   Any high or low voltage CT can be checked out on the bench before the CT is put into commission to determine if the CT is working properly.   This device can save you hours of travel time to a site only to find that there is not enough load to perform a test.


Introduction of the Simultaneous 3 Phase Meter Verification Capability--6000 Bird Dog Plus--Meter Testing 3 Phase Self-Contained Meters

In the fall of 2004, Spinlab developed the ability to test Forms 14, 15, 16, & 17 three-phase self-contained meters.   By looking at all 3 phases simultaneously, you can now perform ONE meter verification test to determine the accuracy of any meter in the field, using the customer’s load with the meter in service.  With this new ability, it is easier and faster to test out meters and meter circuits with the Bird Dog Plus.  


SpinGraph Deluxe

In the winter of 2005, Spinlab released an enhanced version of SpinGraph SE for the 6000 Bird Dog Plus called SpinGraph Deluxe.  This new version of SpinGraph Deluxe has the following enhancements:


Demagnetization Circuit

In the fall of 2007 Spinlab released the Demagnetization Circuit, enabling our customers to demagnetize an in-service CT in less than 1 minute.


Battery Upgrade

In the winter of 2008 extended battery life is a reality for the Bird Dog Plus!  Now you can upgrade any older 5000 or 6000 Bird Dog Plus, gaining the following:


Demand Meter Test for kW, kVAR, & kVA

In the summer of 2008 Spinlab will release a kW, kVAR & kVA demand meter test for the 6000 Bird Dog Plus.  All you do is choose the demand interval from 1 to 60 minutes, an the Bird Dog Plus will count demand.  Compare this reading to what your meter says and you can determine the accuracy of your meter.

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