Have you ever driven for an hour to a test site only to discover that the site had little or no load?

 Load Box--600-LB1

  Load Box Front View  Load Box Rear View

(For a Printable Load Box Flyer in .pdf Format Click Here)

With the Spinlab Load Box the Bird Dog Plus can perform a ratio burden test every site, even if there is no load or a very light load.

In-service testing is the only way to thoroughly test a meter circuit site.  If there is no load or a very light load at the site, a proper ratio / burden test cannot be performed.  Now with the Load Box, you can load a CT enough to completely test the meter circuit.  Simply take the current cable from the Load Box, wrap it around the CT, switch the Load Box from 10 amps to 50 amps through the CT, and perform a meter circuit test.

Some additional applications for the Load Box are:

The load box can be used on any low voltage bar-type or donut CT.

Load Box 12 Foot Cable for Donut CTs Load Box with 12 Foot Cable Attached  Load Box Cable Threading Through a CT

Load Box Cable for Bar Type CTs with Alligator Clips  Load Box with Bar Type CT Cable Attached  Bar Type Cable with Alligator Clips Attached to Bar Type CT

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