"Every 15 sites that I check something is wrong.  The Bird Dog Plus CT tester paid for itself in 2 months!"

Meter Department Supervisor

CT Testing with the 5000 Bird Dog Plus--Ratio & Burden Testing

1. The Bird Dog Plus Return on Investment

2. Examples of Return on Investment

3. The Easy-to-Use Bird Dog Plus

4. The Opportunistic Testing Method

1. The Bird Dog Plus Return on Investment

The Edison Electric Institute estimates $4 billion in electrical revenues are lost to theft each year in the U.S. Staggering as this figure seems, industry experts believe it doesnít come close to revenue loss due to:

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2. The Bird Dog Plus: Examples of Return on Investment

By readily identifying metering circuit problems, the Bird Dog Plus can save your company millions of dollars. Lightweight and portable, itís easy to handle, as well as easy to use, fast, and highly accurate. That is why we say the Spinlab Bird Dog is truly the best friend of meter-men and the most competitive tool for utility companies. Hereís  a sampling of our customer feedback:

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3. The Easy-to-Use Bird Dog Plus

When the meterman leaves his truck with the Bird Dog Plus at his side, he has everything he needs.

Hereís how easy it is to take a reading from a metering circuit using the Bird Dog Plus:

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4. Opportunistic Testing

Drawing on our 50 year history in testing technology together with the shared knowledge of our many customers, Spinlab has developed this concept of opportunistic testing to address several evolving changes in the electric utility industry:

We designed the Bird Dog Plus to help facilitate opportunistic testing:

WITHIN TEN MINUTES a meter technician can be in and out of a poly-phase site having tested for all 32 CT-metered failure modes and 5 system failure modes with better than Ĺ percent accuracy.  Also, by storing the information on the Bird Dog Plus and later uploading the data to a PC, SpinGraph Report Generating Software can provide you with a paperless mode of operation, saving additional time and eliminating transcription errors.

MENU DRIVEN FORMAT with help screens, graphs and diagnosis screens where needed.



Opportunistic testing is the solution for proactive utilities in this changing environment of deregulation and very limited manpower.

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